Improve Your Quality of Life and Boost Epilepsy Awareness

Has epilepsy turned your world upside down? We’re here to help reduce your stress and anxiety around the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. We offer a community of support, advocacy, and empathy to increase epilepsy awareness among patients, their families, and caregivers. Lean on us as a single, trusted source of information. We’ll share practical options you can try today to improve the quality of your life with epilepsy.

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We’re different from other epilepsy organizations

We were created for you and are driven by you.

Our founder is a successful businessman turned philanthropist who has struggled with epilepsy most of his life. He lives your daily battles with medications. He’s experienced breakthrough and cluster seizures. He understands your fears about the next seizure. That’s why he built this community where you can be part of the answers.

Maybe right now you have questions, whether general or specific, such as: 

  • Is epilepsy a disability or a disease?
  • What are 7 common seizure triggers?
  • Should I consider wearing an epilepsy bracelet for safety?

What happens in the post ictal phase?

Use this safe space to share problems you are dealing with, ask questions, learn about non-medication solutions, and gain access to data-driven resources and information. Everyone is welcome.

We go beyond research and medical alliances. We pore through hundreds of pages of research, news and data, aggregating all this knowledge for you. Then we connect the dots for you by explaining everything in plain language rather than medical jargon. We provide wellness ideas and approaches that you can put into practice immediately. 

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“Our goal is to drive change and innovation around epilepsy – from diagnosis to treatment to ultimately finding a cure. We can achieve this if we focus on active community engagement, investment and resources. Join our community and take charge of your future.”
Charles L. Shor
Founder of Epilepsy Wellness Advocates

Our mission statement

  1. Eliminating the stigma associated with Epilepsy, by making purple a household color and Epilepsy a household word.
  2. Democratizing information through independent medical research, surveys, and community building, bridging the knowledge-practice gap with additive, holistic Epilepsy & Stress management interventions.
  3. Providing Agency for people living with Epilepsy through partnerships that remove barriers to resources that are typically expensive or difficult to access, ensuring accessibility for all.
  4. Supporting personal growth by funding holistic scholarship programs, that aim to break the barriers of educational attainment for people living with Epilepsy.
  5. Growing awareness about Epilepsy & Wellness practices through local and national events and symposiums.
  6. Empowerment of people with Epilepsy by sharing medical resources and tools that facilitate more productive interactions with their care team.

Epilepsy at a glance: Stats for awareness and understanding

The following statistics about epilepsy paint a vivid picture, but you are not a statistic. You’re a person who needs help. Let Epilepsy Wellness Advocates be the pillar of support that helps you find both the community and solutions you can put into place to improve your quality of life.

people across the world suffer from epilepsy
people are diagnosed with epilepsy every year
of those diagnosed with epilepsy could be seizure free with the right diagnosis and treatment
of epilepsy cases are potentially preventable

What we do to raise epilepsy awareness

We discover and share new ways to fully control seizures using alternative non-pharmacologic (non-drug) interventions. We commit time, resources, and funding to improve and ultimately prevent memory and physical decline in patients with epilepsy. We’re organizing global events and opportunities to learn about non-pharmacological ways to control stress, make life changes and develop healthy habits that can have a dramatic impact on seizure control and memory function.